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If you possess modern outlook, high energy levels to produce great results and are searching for cheerful environment to work then your search ends at Coallogix.

Explore our current job openings. Join us if you are up for a challenge every day and want to accelerate your career.

The Benefits of working at Coallogix

Flexible Management - we don't want you to be spending time fighting bureaucracy. We are flexible in our human resources policies and adopt sensible solutions. If you need time off, we will work with you. Just come and ask.

* Strong Leadership - we protect our staff. You won't be put into situations that you can't handle, or given responsibility that you haven't earned. This isn't a sink or swim culture. Just make sure you don't turn up with your floaties.

* Great Conditions - we aim to make our work environment as comfortable and positive as possible. We are sometimes constrained by the facilities at our clients, but we do our best to give you an environment that you can get work done in.

* Competitive Remuneration - we aim to have only high quality staff. As a result, we expect to pay and reward our staff accordingly. If you pay peanuts you get chimps. There are no gibbons at Coallogix.

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